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  1. CityExplorer Plus says

    The first version of this video will no longer be available on my channel this is a second version of the same video that were initially uploaded. I hope you enjoy watching. 😊

  2. batek987 says

    Amazing skyline / skyscrapers, Thanks for capturing from Circuit Makati!
    *The malls green creek-like atrium is cool!
    (it seemed that they change the creek/pool's color from blue.. ^_^)

  3. Toy_J says

    1:00 jaw dropping!!

  4. Toy_J says

    👀 WOW

  5. 梅原醍醐 says

    The Baseco area will become like this very soon

  6. Cris Manio says

    Ganda talaga ng makati

  7. drexx suma says

    Tsaka na ako pupunta ng manila pag mayaman na ako.hirap maging mahirap jan.dami bashers.lalaitin ka pa.


    wow ang ganda na.. dati pumupunta ako dyan nag tataya saka nanonood ng karera..

  9. Rene Gonza says

    Dahil sa covid chow muna bago yang luho

  10. Lorgino Lee says

    I live near here… Ganda talaga yung view sa taas. You can see the Makati Skyline ♥️

  11. Avril Jay says

    daming bahay sa baba.

  12. ROGEN PARAMIO says

    Dpat Lagyan ng koi fish ung mga tubig

  13. Yana Co says

    Bakit ang gaganda sa youtube pero pag nagpunta ka mismo sa manila ampanget

  14. Gela Tongson says

    The pandemic introduced a new normal by working from home. Companies will eventuallly have little need or incentive for leasing commercial space. It will lead to half abandoned or even ghost cities. There is a possibility this trend will not be reversed.

  15. manuel relucio says

    Nice video but why are you only showing the surrounding buildings? What about inside Circuit Makati what to see in/out of the whole complex? Thanks

  16. Ameena Talabucon says

    45 Yrs back pagkakaalam ko walang squatters sa Makati kasi mga naglalakihan buildings ang nandyan..Nakkamissed naman un Sat Ana Race naalala ko tatay nun😍

  17. katrihanna jea says

    Dyan lang kami nakatira sa Sta.Ana hahahahahahaha ni lalakad lang namin yan

  18. Manuel Torrecampo says

    Wow ganda nman dyn.

  19. Stephen says

    Century City Mall has a cool rooftop too with a view of Makati Skyline. Hope you can go there as well! Good video as always

  20. David Licauco says


  21. J. B. Arches says


  22. Kian Calextro says


  23. Anonymous says

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