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  1. Divert Living says

    If you keen to know how much we spent traveling in Philippines and Thailand for 6 months, we made the video focus on comparing cost of traveling in thailand and philippines. check it out and share the thought here : https://youtu.be/iZV–3Rlzvc, hope it helps with your budget planning 🙂

  2. Ethan Benoza says

    I hate korea now I like American good video anyways

  3. DaqTheDuck says

    Haha. I live in the Philippines but I hate the cities. The beaches are so much better. I remember going to Malaysia and getting disappointed because the roads are quite dirty

  4. SuperStandard says

    I've travelled to the Philippines 3 times (so far), and it amazes me in new ways every time! From the beautiful beaches and nature to modern cities, and the old Spanish architecture 😀

  5. JD L. says

    What's the name of the building at the start of the video?



  7. Angelo De Jesus says

    Yes its true coz philippine invented d karoeke machine

  8. Dong Ding says

    BGC is the Most expensive part of Manila

  9. Evian Cafun says

    Nice video! Looking forward to visiting Makati in March! 🙂 Anyone have an idea of good nightclubs, bars etc in Makati?

  10. Jonathan chao says

    Makati and BGC best city in the philippines

  11. Sammy & MuJhie says


  12. Aurth or says

    why u wear towel round ur neck always, u look like a waiter.

  13. Andreashofer3535 says

    9:51 sogoooo yeheeee

  14. Princess Provendido says

    How to go there upstair what building

  15. Matthew Lynch says

    hot chick mommas boy.. lol

  16. laarni kimura says

    im a filipina watching from japan,nice video

  17. ZooZoo Sun says

    마카티 그린벨트 좋아요…..

  18. Nithin Ni says

    Which hotel is this ? Name the property

  19. fuckyoutube says

    What a shit hole

  20. Slappy Fistwad says

    Take Thai gf to the Philippines……you're doing it wrong

  21. Sam Labo says

    I'm somewhere in Pasig, I don't see many foreigner. I'm American married to Filipino guy.
    I rarely see white people around. Makati and manila
    Malate yeah more. Makati is not really like Philippines IMO. I rather my crowded less developed hood around lucky gold Mall

  22. Trekkie_ _0802 says

    It looked like you guys were pretty close to an LRT-1 station at the beginning of the video, you could've saved a lot of time and hassle by taking the LRT line 1 to EDSA station, switch over to line 3, and get off at Ayala Station which is smack dab in the middle of Makati.

  23. Racoon City says

    I wish you flew the drone…

  24. Bob Buckets says

    Makati is awesome. I work there 3 months a year and am trying to move there. PUSONG PINOY!

  25. candyman junior says

    Great VIEW & video!!
    This video was filmed out of my hotel room in Makati
    I have stayed in the City Garden Grand hotel and the <I'M hotel> they both have BREATH TAKING views from their rooftop restaurants.
    Keep up the GREAT VIDEOS!!

  26. Harold Gonzales says

    Wowow Philippines

  27. boy lakwatsiro Ako tv says

    The philippine is has two face, fast and now , why ? If you go to maynila area thats is a fast view and you are in out side of manila you see the modern buildings and view too , correct me if i’m wrong,.

  28. 時秊 says


  29. Rene D says

    The people of Hongkong is slowly invading Metro Manila, but their Chinese Master is following them, slowly invading the small island.

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