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Relax 80s and 90s kids, when all these is over, you still have a place to come home to and bust the moves in. By JEROME GOMEZ

ANCX | Jul 10 2020

Mari Lagdameo is feeling disappointed. At least, according to his Facebook status. The owner of Strumm’s, that live entertainment institution in Jupiter Street, Makati, is also sounding a little pissed. It’s just come to his attention that someone’s spreading the rumor that his 27-year-old establishment is closing. It’s all over Viber and it even comes with a picture of five men who seem to be fixing or dismantling a speaker amidst a setting of piles of boxes and  the skeleton of a stage backdrop. 

“I cannot understand why people like to play photojournalist and send pictures accompanied with commentaries on things they see without knowing all the facts,” Lagdameo says in his post. “Something like that, once it goes viral is very annoying to say the least and can mislead unsuspecting people.” 

The photo circulating on Viber threads shows the Strumm’s staff dismantling the bar’s audio system.

Anyway, the truth is that Strumm’s Makati is not closing. They have temporarily ceased operations only because of the health crisis, “like all law-abiding bars in Makati.” What they have been doing in interim is look for a new venue for the business, in preparation for when things really get back to normal and they can open again. So yes, Strumm’s is not closing but it is moving. 

“To the uninformed, like the person that spread that viral photo of our staff dismantling our sound system, it was wrongly assumed that we are closing,” says Lagdameo. “You don’t realize how irritating and damaging a viral misconception can be. I HATE FAKE NEWS!!!” 

A fun night at everyone’s favorite club on Jupiter Street. Photo from Strumm’s Facebook page

Strumm’s Makati has been the home of live acts in Makati since it opened in 1992, first in Makati Avenue, the present address of Hermès. It was co-founded by Louie Prieto of the Inquirer; unfortunately, Prieto would perish in a motorcycle accident four months after the club opened. 

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Today, Strumm’s remains a landmark in live shows and is a favorite among Makati’s professional and more mature set, those who grew up listening to 80s and 90s tunes from different genres. Tony Boy Cojuangco’s Glass Onion band is known to pack them in, and 80s pop and New Wave fans still visit to see Juan Miguel Salvador rock the stage on occasion. 

Juan Miguel Salvador was a regular attraction at Strumm’s before it’s temporary closure due to the pandemic. Photo from Strumm’s Facebook page

If you ask us, it’s been a while since we dropped by last—was it a one-night-only Binky Lampano gig? Cookie Chua’s? Maybe they shared the stage? What we’re sure of is that we had a blast. 

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