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  1. LALAT_IDJO says

    beautiful city greetigs from neigbours Jakarta

  2. Good, No Traffic!

  3. Joey Dadula says

    Dahil Kay SENATOR MANNY VILLAR Nakakapasok na Ako sa Trabaho ko ng Sobrang AGA. WOW!!!! Thank You Senator Manny!!!


  4. Johnny Aguirre says

    Chill sya. Sarap sa mata

  5. Joshua Del Valle says

    1:56 grabe naman si ate tumawid pa kahit naka go

  6. DaEpicGamings says

    100th like


    Pangit mmn puro skwater dinaanan dapat doon nmn s maganda ganda kya tayu sinabihan ng ibang bansa na mahiirap kau nmn kc

  8. Steven Moore says

    Nice drive, but the music is annoying, sorry. Would have been better just having the natural sounds.

  9. Gabbbriel Gallego says

    here in bangladesh is different

  10. Romeo Lizandro says

    nice content! continue sharing your stories

  11. Doinikins V says

    Your Mercedes-Benz rides smoothly together with the music

  12. Hill Roberts says

    Nice, but shame about those overhead black spaghetti wires, which didn't exist in the 70s. Why was it allowed to happen? Makati has a specific rule on cabling. Thanks for sharing. Otherwise, lovely tour of my favorite city, Makati Cheers from Spain

  13. greg rocha says

    So serene like a ghost town with only a handful of warm bodies lurking around. What if we had only a population of 100 people in Makati? Pretty sure the view would not be as grand as this.

  14. Freeman Tong says

    Aria! Where all people at joke lang

  15. manny3ci says

    The one you showed SnR is it the circuit mall? When did it open? I was in the area may 2019 and didn’t know they had a branch there. Anyway nice driving hassle free. Miss the metro except heard there are a lot of Chevkpoints which are a inconvenience . Keep safe Lord and the family. It’s great watching your videos!

  16. Bong Bong says

    Hanep yong trycikel akala ko one way.

  17. Mase Travels says

    High quality footage 👋🏼😀 greetings from San Francisco USA 🇺🇸

  18. Leo says

    That’s Makati in the early 80’s 🚗🚌🚚🚲

  19. Christian Mendoza says

    Ingat ka po diyan kuya God bless

  20. manong calbo says

    Stay safe and thanks for the tour of Makati.

  21. Jonnie Bangkok says

    Nice three-pointed star…but how does she do when Manila floods 😉

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