Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.
  1. Angie Belarmino says

    Is there a place similar to that in Cebu City?? Looks cool and affordable.

  2. jak po says


  3. Emmanuel Orense says

    Also have you been to tagaytay? Have you.tried mushroom burger? I swear its all good. A must try.

  4. Emmanuel Orense says

    If you want cheaper veggies or even fish or chicken or anything go to guadalupe wet market its much better there and i advice just go with grab rather than bringing your car. Or maybe you can just bring your bike with you.

  5. Thanjo Moto-PH says

    Thank you for vlogging manila. Ignore negativity.manila capital of the phillippines.😊

  6. I missed that Makati area. Every time I went back to Philippines I always stayed In Makati area.

    🇵🇭 🧕 in 🇰🇼

  7. Vito Bonifacio says

    "Mike has a barrow at the Marketplace
    Nelly is the singer in a band
    Mike says to Nelly 'Girl, I like your face'
    And Nelly says this as she takes him by the hand
    Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, Life goes on, bra
    Lala, Life goes on…"

  8. Richard Fernandez says


  9. Dexter Daughtry says


  10. Geri Cornista says

    I love that you ordered inihaw na bangus miss it so much and eating in markets!!

  11. Airdrop is Cool says

    Yung mamalengke ka lng pero kabog ang outfit. May pa cleavage pa si ateng

  12. M.king says

    I’m glad you guys are starting to make new friends.

  13. Gino Guillermo says

    As always another great video (same as George & Lucy's Camiguin hunt) but would you be able to share us aspiring vloggers what software do you use in editing your videos?

  14. Oscar says

    When I started taking afternoon naps I knew I was getting old.

  15. Linda French says

    When are you going to wear your motorized skates like you were in Miami, and start a trend in my home town? Sell them for Christ sakes. It will be huge. Bring Florida to Miami, who wudda thunk.

  16. Aya Dela Torre says

    Hi Guys!!! I don't know if you'll ever see this comment but I'll be travelling to Manila anytime this month and I would like bring some of our famous dried fishes here in Capiz, for you to try. I really hope I could give you some. So much love ❤

  17. roswell1105 says

    jog inside the american cemetery in fort bonifacio (near BGC) it's a good instagram place but please respect the graves.

  18. genie reyes says

    hey ki8ds… please stop using plastic spoons and forks.. perhaps you could bring with you stainless utensils when you plan to eat out..
    you do know that using plastic products is a no no to people who are into preserving our environment.

  19. RN says

    I compare this vs. your old videos. Nelly looks more beautiful now with less stress on her face….. Am I the only one who noticed the change?

  20. RN says

    My day is not complete without watching your vlog…..

  21. joey carpio says


  22. PhotoBliss says

    great vids, did you know guys that Makati's slogan is " Making it Happen" there is a sign in Ayala Triangle

  23. Mars Sums says

    My favorite vloger..God bless you mike and nelly

  24. mr dotcom says


  25. Adrian Milward says

    Really love your video's but can i ask about the fact that a lot of shots are out of focus. Is this a camera problem or just your style of filming ?

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