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Metro Manila Airbnb Condo Lifestyle | Acqua private residences Makati Philippines


Author: videolux.org

  1. Kirby Logan says

    Stayed here last December on 43rd floor just fantastic view and quaint clean room. Location not so great a little out of the way.

  2. Twinkle Chaves says

    haha omg been wanting to try the ferry myself

  3. Marsey Marilyn says

    Wow super beautiful place its a great place to spend time super nice pool too 😊

  4. Gbenro Oduyela says

    You didnt get a retirement from your last BPO?

  5. JuLia Swan says

    Hey! What’s d name of the place? Thank u!😊

  6. Mike&Ash Experience says

    Dope Video! Sending blessing your way, Keep inspiring!🎒🙌🏻

  7. Tite Paget says

    How much condo

  8. AR ES says

    Peter of Property Club is looking for expats to work in a call center.

  9. Yuri Travels says

    First time I saw your channel and I think you’re stupid looking guy with the baseball hat

  10. Mak Mak says

    Great video but what happened to your girlfriend ?

  11. Jeffrey Gauntt says

    I stayed in the Acqua last year. Good place

  12. Clyde Seaside says

    Looks great Eric—I'll put Aqua on the list—a little quieter than Poblacion but close enough for sure—-looks like you are getting back into harness with work

  13. lilah Stans brie larson says

    I stayed at Acqua and almost rented long term there. Such a nice, new condo and affordable. I took the ferry as well, cost a dime (CAD) to get across. What are you interviewing for? I thought you are retired.

  14. ZimZim says

    Just putting this out there. I've seen on a youtube blog of a busy noodle restaurant in Mataki. Gets real busy around midnight, thought they had a yellow store sign. thx

  15. Donnie : eimaXe says

    Hmm, I see a lot of new faces and a lot of trash that has been cleaned up on the river side Hulo since that I have left there.. That Riverside was once clear blue, but now it is crewed with dumped oil to dodge taxes. I like for how one day, the river will travel one way, the next day it will travel a whole opposite direction for a whole day.

  16. Kate Murphy says

    I cancelled my booking from this hotel..the owner of the hotel is unapproachable…

  17. Hey brother i am a subscriber that is gonna take a calculated risk. I am moving to the Philippines this april 4th 2019. To wait with my filipina wife's approval by USCIS to move to USA WITH ME. Anyway i would like to meet you and maybe enjoy a meal with you. Please email me japjr35@gmail.com
    God bless you brother

  18. D Xpress says

    Top of the third world 🌎 ….. lol 😆

  19. Mr K says

    Around my favorites areas again Eric, Great video

  20. Living in the Pacific says

    Ha, "When in Manila… be on time!" That's a true oxymoron if I've ever heard one! lol

  21. Philippine Cowboy says

    Great video, what's the name of that one room place you showed? It's small but comfy at the same time, whats the price and do they have monthly rates?

  22. Zen Adventures says

    Another informative video about Manila area. Thanks

  23. Travis Kraft says

    Hope you are well.

  24. anders streifeldt says

    I agree totally, just Do it, is my mantra. Is Makati the richest area in manila? can it be done selling western art there? What do You think? Are the philippinos ready för modern art?

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