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  1. Beer For Breakfast says

    Please leave all of your recommendations for food and places to see around Makati? 😎

  2. Rose Guinto says

    Please find some reasonable price condo to stay in Makati

  3. Gena Sullivan says

    Very nice video ladies! I've been interested in visiting Makati and this video just gave me so much more insight on how things are there. Thanks again!!

  4. flip1sba says

    You stayed in Chinatown? That is the Binondo area. Of course it is not that pleasant plus you have to be very careful at night when there. I'm from Manila and I do not even go to Binondo for shopping or leisure. The only time I go there is during Chinese New Year and sometimes those bargain shopping in Divisoria.While there are new developments happening in that area, you are better off staying around Makati, BGC and even around Ortigas and QC around The Tomas Morato / Timog area as it is more pleasant there.

  5. Kristoffer Luna says

    oh the food love

  6. Frans Batista says

    Hi I'm 39

  7. Julian Smith says

    Hey, don't use your pencil tip to apply lipstick on your lips. Some pencil contains lead. Take care.

  8. Sivera94 says



    just enjoy your vacation here, lovely girls…

  10. DYLAN says

    hey there cuties! especially the blonde girl! i like the spark of sunshine in your pretty eyes.. 😉

  11. Green Tube says

    Yeah i enjoyed your video. Basically i was enjoying your speaking very incantation. However, I am learning English.

  12. Raheung TV says


  13. 태형태형 says

    Hey maam visit Here in visayas theres a lot hidden city

  14. K- Studio says

    You know it's asia when you see cables like this😂😂
    Well hello..here in Davao we burry them on the ground

  15. Lonnie Clemens says

    Thank you for sharing this video.

  16. Katie Gacha says

    U should try rambutan its a fruit also mangostean

  17. Taylor Bender says

    I managed a team of engineers, remotely, from Louisville, KY that lived in Makati. I've always wanted to visit and just eat the streets!

  18. g-boy joaquin says

    try lucena city Philippines

  19. jessie sanjose says

    nice strolling at makati be carefull love lots 🤗🤗🤗😘

  20. Mark Agnes says

    You had me at beer🍻 great video!

  21. MaryMacaroons says

    My hometown i live near there

  22. Romain Gauthier says

    It feels so good to be there because theres like 10 malls around you. Great way of life girls, great taste!

  23. Tech Machine says

    lol, looks like Vegas…have you been in Vegas comparing it to Makati?

  24. love the Philippines cant wait to go there again . Love the filipino people

  25. Aj Flex says

    Does anyone know the name of the market they ate at?

  26. CIRCLE OF 4TRESS says

    Nice video. I went to the Philippines in May 2019 to meet my in Laws for the first time. Philippines is a great country with great friendly people like no other people on earth!

  27. Filipina LivingAmerica says

    Aww I'm from philippines.thank you for visiting my country ❤️😊try visit palawan, Boracay and many more☺️

  28. KL Howard says

    Great video thinking of taking family to Philippines and Makati has been recommended for us to stay in – can you recommend good places to stay?

  29. TESS DIZON says

    Don’t forget to pray first. Sure everything is ok. God bless and take care always

  30. Grisette Directo says

    Did you just pour a huge amount of soy sauce on your rice? That must've suck.

  31. Wicked John says

    Is live cost in makati high?

  32. Jervic Hans says

    Ayala Makati City is the Philippines answered to the Wall Street of USA.

  33. roa castillo says

    go to BGC and Okada Manila


    places worth visiting in manila….intramuros, chinatown, rizal park, mall of asia, poblacion makati, BGC, greenhills shopping center, manila sunset viewing along the roxas blvd or harbour view restaurant to view the sunset or moa bayside promenade. Also worth checking out are the makati financial districts the wallstreet of the Philippines, a trip to corregidor island is also worth a daytour. A jeepney ride experience is cool to experience the local vibe.

  35. Longsight M12 says

    The best places in the Philippines are the provinces like Dumaguete,stay way from Mindanao or you will be wearing your head for an anklet bracelet.
    Makati is alright and most of manila in general but it gets old after a bit.

  36. Aj Martinez says

    This is why you travel premium economy when coming there though I'll tell you that

  37. Angelito Escobido says

    now try Manila now its much much diferrent than 2016,its better now since they have a new MAYOR there,try it if you have time and compare your first trip in MANILA on 2016 to now 2019.

  38. Scammer Expose says

    Thank you for visiting my country i live in manila before now im in us you construction thing it all ways happen even in my house

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